About us

This information age sees many entities all striving to grab the attention of their respective audiences. Some use gimmicks, others use duplicitous action, while some try to offer a bare minimum of information to be appealing. The launch of Chicago Truck Deals is our offering of a quality repository of information important to our audience. We do not need flashy gimmicks while we are able to stand on real information that can benefit industry professionals, from CEOs to drivers. Our mission is to help keep you informed, on the road, and get into a quality truck when the time comes.


Chicago is a major hub of activity for the logistics industry of the United States. Many rail lines cross through making it a prime location for transfers. O’Hare International and Midway airports both field considerable traffic and shipping through the course of the year. The Port of Chicago handles hundreds of thousands of tons of freight that come and go through the Great Lakes. Nine different interstates all run through Chicago, making it an easy center of dissemination for goods by truck.


All that activity requires a fair number of people to be involved there. Truckers need to stay current with the things that are most important to their livelihood. Chicago Truck Deals aims to offer quality information on supporting industries, political developments affecting the industry, and valuable information on insurance and legislation. Each one of these things can have important ramifications for the driver that is out on the road.


In addition, we intend to help connect drivers that need to buy used trucks with quality sellers. Our listings for trailer and used truck sales are aggregated from the sales listings of Trucker to Trucker ( Maintaining and keeping a truck in good repair is all important, so finding a good Chicago mechanic should be a priority. Semi towing services also operate in a fairly diverse range for quality and dependability.


Our goal is to provide the kind of information truckers need to stay safe, legal, and informed. We welcome any feedback or contact from our visitors that have suggestions for information or questions that are unaddressed.