Cool, New Technology Is Fun, Yet Functional

Jim McCormack

With all the new regulations in the trucking industry, it’s hard to think of much else than finding ways to meet the new regulations.  More pressure is put on big rig owners in that changes must be completed within the new few years.  Yet, adding some new gadgets to your truck can improve efficiency while adding a little fun in your life.  There are many new products on the market and buying something just because you want it may be just the thing you need to keep you positive.


One new type of technology is called the Eaton VORAD Smart Cruise control with crash-warning system.  This is slightly more expensive than other products currently available, but is also considered a great investment.  The cruise control uses both radar and computer technology to keep the rig a preset distance from surrounding vehicles.  On the other hand, the crash-warning system alerts the driver to cars darting in front of them and automatically slows the truck by engaging what’s called a Jake Brake.  This not only decelerates the rig, but can also shift to a lower gear without the driver’s assistance.  This is available through Eaton Products.


Another add-on that works well with the Smart Cruise/Warning system is the new ESP system that perceives driver maneuvers and corrects movements of the truck by braking wheels or powering-down.  Three cameras are installed in the driver’s cab and steering wheel and are responsible for spotting driver drowsiness and inconstant maneuvering.  It then provides the driver with a warning that allows them to refocus attention or make needed corrections prior to becoming involved in an accident.  This was just introduced at the LA Trade Show and has not been found available through the internet as yet.  It is definitely something to watch for, however.

For those with older rigs, the WVRXCAMTC digital wireless backup camera and receiver system may just be what you’re looking for.  This system is even designed to replace factory installed monitors and is a great addition to any rig.  Unlike other systems, this one emits a signal that’s able to transmit around existing objects without interference.  The hardware and mounting bracket ensures it is securely affixed to the rig.  Additionally, the system includes a wireless camera, receiver box, and scotch fasteners and is available at

One of the newer technologies gaining in popularity for those that like using CB radios, but finds them inconvenient, is Bluetooth connectivity that enables hands-free calling.  Actually was the first company to combine Bluetooth technology in CB radios.   This system allows drivers to communicate more easily without having to worry about taking their hands from the wheel.  The system includes a noise canceling microphone provided through Delta Tune that ensures loud, clear calling as well as one-touch operation.  An auto-redial feature is also included.  The maximum power allowed by law is provided through a 4 watt AM RF power output and calls are routed through a 5 watt CB speaker system.

There are continuous changes and improvements being made in the trucking industry.  Many are not only fun, but functional and can even enhance safety.  Even with all these improvements, however, drivers can be secure in the fact that machines will never replace drivers that are so valuable to the economy and consumers throughout the nation.