The Importance of a DAC Report for the Trucker

Jim McCormack

Truckers who have been around awhile know what a DAC report is.  For the uninitiated, it is a report of your employment and driving record.  In other words, it is a summary of your work history in the trucking industry.  Approximately 90% of long haul trucking companies request this report when they are hiring a new driver.  These reports are under regulations of the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and are put out by a company called HireRight.

Information on the report will include orientations, discharges, drug history file, and accidents/incidents.  There are certain precautions that a driver can take to avoid a bad report appearing on their record.  Following these simple suggestions will help keep your DAC record clean and insure your continued career as a trucker.  They are:

Orientations – Be sure you want to work for a company prior to taking a pre-employment drug screen or attend an orientation session.  The company will report you if you don’t continue employment.

Discharges – Always try to leave a company on good terms with two weeks written notice that is notarized.  Always keep a copy.  This will prevent you reported as load abandonment, discharged, quit under dispatch, or some other negative report.

Drug History File – Test refusals and failures are a big issue.  Experienced people advise never to quit after being asked to take a random test.  Take the test and then give the written, notarized resignation.  Ask for, and retain, a copy of the drug test in your records.

Accidents/Incidents – This is a big issue and a very important one.  NEVER report minor incidents where there is no damage to the vehicle or where you personally pay for minor damages.  Seasoned drivers are aware of this and always carry spare cash for these occasions.  If TWO minor incidents appear on your DAC record it can lead to your possible termination and lessen your chances of getting hired elsewhere.

Every trucker is entitled to receive a free copy of his or her report any year that information has been collected. This report will show the number of accidents, why a driver was fired or why they quit, type of driving experience, products hauled, kinds of trailers pulled, if they are eligible for rehire, and other information.  These reports were handled by USIS (U.S. Information Services) prior to be turned over to HireRight.

Drivers can receive a free copy of their DAC online at  It requires approximately 15 days to receive the report.  If there is incorrect information on the report you can dispute this information, also online, at  You can also request a professional to clear any mistakes.

A caution,  according to a driver’s blog it is stated that  “If  you try to fix your DAC yourself and fail to…DacFix cannot open the case again as it is considered ‘frivolous.’   So, if you do NOT know what you are doing, do NOT try and fix your own DAC.”